Main Features

Main Features:
Particle Tracking Algorithms:
* Particles detection based on Binary correlation, Gaussian mask and Dynamic Threshold Binarization techniques.
* Cross-correlation and Relaxation algorithms for solution of temporal matching problem.
* Particle labelling and tracking of individual trajectories.
Pre and Post-processing:
* Extraction of image background to improve SNR.
* Multiple vector validation methods.
* Data smoothing
* Extraction of time series.
* Interpolation of the results on a regular mesh for standard Eulerian analysis.
* Calculation of streamlines
Graphical User Interface (adapted from PIVlab):
* Extensive data extraction tools.
* Synthetic PIV/PTV image generator.
* Several data export features.
* Import bmp/ tiff/ jpeg image pairs/ series
* Individual image masking and region of interest.
* Multiple colormaps.

Monday, 20 May 2013

PTVlab Tutorial

A video tutorial is now available. It shows few basics steps to begin with PTVlab.
Check it in High Definition !



  1. Hi,

    Thanks for providing this code. I have a problem using it and wondering if you can guide me through. I find out that most of the time the detected particles are not located on the spatial grid which is defined in the code and as a result the code is not able to calculate particle velocities. Could you help me in this regard?

  2. Hi Nader, I would be happy to help, maybe you could send me a pair of images on my address.

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  4. would you like to send me the PTVlab_tut.pdf

  5. excuse me, i'm dayat.
    can you help me by sending the .pdf tutorial to my e-mail
    thanks a lot


  6. I need the .pdf please!.. BEst regards.

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  8. Hello Antoine P.

    Thank you for making a good platform for PTV. Unfortunately I couldn't use it properly. So it will be really great if you can look on my images and suggest something so that I can use this for my research as well.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,
    I.M. Zahidul

  9. Hi! Can you send the pdf tutorial? Thx

  10. Thanks for sharing this with us! Some really amazing features.

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  12. how i can install this software

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  16. I also need PTVlab_tut.pdf. Please send it to me.

  17. thats cool you can try tracking you packages or parcel with the help of tracking number printed on the receipt.

  18. Dear Mr
    I am working in detecting bubbles ( 23 frames) velocity compare with their sizes I am not sure if I am able to do it with PVT because I am not quite sure how it works can you help me
    thank you very much

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  21. Hello and good evening.
    I am looking forward to measure velocity in a lagoon at different tidal situations for my masterthesis. My budget is very low and I found out that particle tracking can be done only with a video camera and the software. Is this true? Do I need additional material? It would be so nice if that would work out!!!!

    All the best, Ben


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  23. Hello,

    Is there a link which can be used to download the tutorial?
    It would be really helpful to get to know the program better!

    With kind regards

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