Main Features

Main Features:
Particle Tracking Algorithms:
* Particles detection based on Binary correlation, Gaussian mask and Dynamic Threshold Binarization techniques.
* Cross-correlation and Relaxation algorithms for solution of temporal matching problem.
* Particle labelling and tracking of individual trajectories.
Pre and Post-processing:
* Extraction of image background to improve SNR.
* Multiple vector validation methods.
* Data smoothing
* Extraction of time series.
* Interpolation of the results on a regular mesh for standard Eulerian analysis.
* Calculation of streamlines
Graphical User Interface (adapted from PIVlab):
* Extensive data extraction tools.
* Synthetic PIV/PTV image generator.
* Several data export features.
* Import bmp/ tiff/ jpeg image pairs/ series
* Individual image masking and region of interest.
* Multiple colormaps.

Monday, 20 May 2013

PTVlab Tutorial

A video tutorial is now available. It shows few basics steps to begin with PTVlab.
Check it in High Definition !